What is Distilled Water?

What is Distilled Water Used For?


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What is Distilled Water?

What is Distilled Water Used For? Distilled Water is made by mother nature when it is raining and also from a pure Water Distiller or Water Distillation Machine or Dispenser. Water Distillation is a water purification method from evaporated water that is collected from steam that rises to the top of a water container unit and then captured and stored into a container as pure distilled water. All sediment and mineral deposits are left behind giving you clean pure drinking water.


Once water changes from from liquid to steam and back to liquid, it has been purified by fire (heat) and all the microbes and solids (chemicals) are left behind. Distilled Water has many important uses. Distilled Water can be used to improve your health, diet, skin care and even to water your plants. It can be used to make natural medicine (colloidal silver, teas, extracts, salves, potions, and more) because it is an “empty” water that infuses the water with what you place into it!


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Distilled Water Uses

There are a whole lot of very beneficial Distilled Water Uses. Distilled water has both industrial as well as health benefits for humans and animals alike. Drinking distilled water detoxifies your body and helps your body release stored chemicals, pesticides, toxins and junk mineral deposits like bad calcium deposits in your arteries and joints (arteriosclerosis and arthritis.) Here are some common uses for distilled water:

  • Clean Pure Drinking Water (the cleanest drinking water, only h20 nothing else.)
  • Antiseptic Water (use in humidifiers, CPAP machines, neti pots, aromatherapy diffusers )
  • Beverages (teas, juices, extracts, alcohol where you don't want to add mineral taste from the water.)
  • Baby Formulas (clean purified water for your baby's formulas and drinking water.)
  • Cooking (keeps the natural flavor of your foods, great for soups, broths and even baking.)
  • Weight Loss (helps you lose weight faster because it is empty water without any chemicals or minerals added.)
  • Detoxing (helps your body get rid of chemicals, pesticides, hardened deposits in your body.)
  • Emergencies (purify any water in an emergency for pure clean drinking water)
  • Natural Beauty (good for hair and skin, chemicals and minerals can dry out your skin and hair.)
  • Aquarium (best water to fill your aquarium with.)
  • Pets (good for your pets, race horses are commonly given distilled water, like Secretariat!)
  • Plants (best water to water your plants with, that is what nature does with rain water!)
  • Car Batteries (best water for car batteries because it doesn't have minerals that cause your battery to leak.)
  • Steam Irons (helps keep your iron free from mineral deposits that from on the bottom.)

These are few of the most common benefits and uses that you get when you use distilled water. There are also addiational health benefits of distilled water. What is the difference between distilled water and purified water or tap?


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Distilled vs Purified Water

Distilled vs Purified Water. What is the difference between distilled water and purified water? Distilled Water is actually a major type of purified water! It is the most natural form of purified water on the planet. Purified water is free from all contaminants, including microbial like giardia, bacteria, fungii, yeast, mold spores, viruses or other waterborne causing illness pathogens. It also is free from particles like heavy metals, lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic and others that are elements heavier than steam, from which distilled water is made.


Purified Water is different than filtered water because filtering water doesn't always mean it is purified. It is a higher level of purity. Reverse Osmosis is another type of water purification method that uses filters and membranes to force water through tiny spaces. Sometimes they use an added UV water filter (ultraviolet light water filter) to remove any smaller microbes like viruses. Distilled water does this automatically, no UV filter needed.


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Benefits of Distilled Water

There are quite a few benefits of distilled water. Drinking distilled water can help you lose weight quickly. It is the only water type with no added solids or minerals! It can help remove years of sludge from your arteries, joints, colon and even brain. It is a detoxifying water than is what you should use when you want to do a full body detox as it allows the detox herbs to work better and remove things stuck in your body. Here are the most common distilled water benefits for your health and wellness:  

  • Acne – Helps cleanse your pores and skin moist
  • Antiseptic Water – Use in all things that require pure water (CPAP machines, humidifiers, Aromatherapy diffusers, medical equipment, excellent food area cleaning)
  • Alzheimer's – Helps remove deposits that cause brain disease
  • Arthritis Relief – Helps remove excess mineral deposits from the joints
  • Arteriosclerosis – Helps remove excess deposits from your arteries
  • Aquariums – Keeps your aquarium naturally clean and balanced
  • Baby Formulas – Great extra purified water for all your baby's needs (naturally fluoride free)
  • Beverages – Use to make tea and coffee without mineral deposits (help your coffee maker last longer without cleaning as much)
  • Cardiovascular –  Helps remove tar from the lungs and keeps your arteries clean
  • Cooking and Baking – Won't add any extra flavor, makes your recipes pop
  • Detox – Helps detoxify your body naturally
  • Emergency Water Purification – When you need to purify water from any source
  • Extracts and Natural Remedies – Best base for all herbal extracts and remedies
  • Hair – Helps keep your hair form being dried out
  • Purified Drinking Water – Makes ultra pure drinking water with only pure H20
  • Weight Loss – cleans your organs and removes excess matter from stored body fat

It is by far the best water to use when you want to get the body to remove excess chemicals, mineral deposits, or other things that have been stored in your body, organs and body fat. 


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Distilled Water Dispenser

You can get your own distilled water dispenser or distilled water machine and always be able to make purified water anywhere and anytime you need it. Always use a stainless steel type water distiller because the plastic ones can leech (break off) plastic molecules into your water from the extreme heat needed to make pure distilled water. For all the different types of distilled water machines and dispensers see our home page: Water Distiller Review.


AquaNui makes great home water distillers that are portable, so you can take them with you on trips where you want to be sure you don't end up with traveler's diarrhea, Montezuma's Revenge or other waterborne illness common when you go to places where you are not used to the specific bacteria or chemicals in the water. What you know can save you a wasted vacation or being very ill. I always have a water purifier with me on long trips or vacations. It has saved my hiney quite a few times when others were ill, and I was not! Stay healthy my friends!

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