Water Distiller Machine

What is Distilled Water?

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What is Distilled Water Used For?     What is Distilled Water? What is Distilled Water Used For? Distilled Water is made by mother nature when it is raining and also from a pure Water Distiller or Water Distillation Machine or Dispenser. Water Distillation is a water purification method from evaporated water that is collected from steam that rises to the top of a water container unit and then captured and stored into a container as pure distilled water. All sediment and mineral deposits are left behind giving you clean pure drinking water.   Once water changes from from liquid to steam and back to liquid, it has been purified by fire (heat) and all the microbes and solids (chemicals) are left behind. Distilled Water has many important uses. Distilled Water can be used to improve your health, diet, skin care and even to water your plants. It can be used to make natural medicine (colloidal silver, teas, extracts, salves, potions, and more) because it is an “empty” water that infuses the water with what you place into it!     Distilled Water Uses There are a whole lot of very beneficial Distilled Water Uses. Distilled water has both industrial as well as health benefits for humans and animals alike. Drinking distilled water detoxifies your body and helps your body release stored chemicals, pesticides, toxins and junk mineral deposits like bad calcium deposits in your arteries and joints (arteriosclerosis and arthritis.) Here are some common uses for distilled water: Clean Pure Drinking Water (the cleanest drinking water, only h20 nothing else.) Antiseptic Water (use in humidifiers, CPAP machines, neti pots, aromatherapy diffusers ) Beverages (teas, juices, extracts, alcohol …

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