This Blog is part of the Holistic Health One family and is passionate about bringing you the latest news, research, experience and professional opinions related to holistic health, fitness, nutrition, spirituality, metaphysics and natural healing and how they all work together as a unified whole (holistic medicine). Our interest is to bring together the best of modern science and technology and combines it with the time-tested and human verified wisdom of our ancestors for the best natural healing, health, nutrition and performance regimens known on our planet. We do not give any kind of medical advice or make medical claims. All information herein is for educational purposes only.


Our research is not meant to replace your doctor or professional medical therapies, rather show you how to use natural remedies in conjunction with them, or as a safe and effective alternative method that works with your body instead of against it. Use what makes sense to you, and pass on what you don't need at this time. See and experience for yourself, and then let no outside “expert” tell you otherwise. You have the wisdom concerning your own body- please don't ever give it away, it's a gift from the divine.


We all have the wisdom of the divine within us, and when we connect with it we see the creative solutions to all we are desiring at each moment. The right plants, herbs, foods, technologies and supplements will “make intuitive sense” to us and we heal and perform at our highest level. We can feel better than we have for a long time, with boundless energy, a sense of purpose in our lives and the desire to share this happiness and sense of unity with others who are ready or in vibrational harmony. The purpose of all of his websites are to empower you to discover and claim your own power and use it to heal yourself and experience the most passionate and joyful time on this earth.


Words alone don't teach, only experience does that and knowledge is wonderful but wisdom (applied knowledge) is even better. Please check out our other holistic health, fitness and natural healing websites and discover how you can help yourself and inspire those you love to live their best life each and every day. Blessing you today with Love, Peace, Prosperity, Healing, Harmony and Appreciation!


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  • Holistic Medicine (About Holistic Natural health, nutrition, beauty and natural healing remedies for optimal health and peak performance)
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  • Mind Body Spirit (Devoted to the unity of the mind, body and spirit – and how to discover your passion to create the life experience you really desire)
  • Herbal Remedies (How to use mother nature's cupboard to promote an optimum state of wellness)
  • Elite Fitness (How to achieve your highest level of fitness for health, sport or competition using elite fitness routines, organic nutrition and holistic supplementation)
  • Zeolite (Showcasing the zeolite mineral that has strong heavy metal, radiation, viral and cancer healing properties)
  • Best Water Filters (Shows you how to stop disease, improve your health, and access winning performance levels using highly alkaline, structured ionized water)
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