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Water Distiller Machines

Water Distiller Machines are the oldest type of water purification in the world. It has been used since the dawn of civilization when pure clean drinking water was needed from any source. What a water distiller machine does is takes any type of water that you need purified (lake, stream, puddle, bottled or even tap water) and makes it safe and drinkable. Distillers boil water and then collect the steam that rises to the top of the unit and then trickles down into a collector bottle. Our Water Distiller Reviews show you all the best water distillation unit for your individual needs.

A Water Distiller machine produces an ultra clean “empty water” because all the living microbes get zapped by the extreme heat and the chemicals also stay at the bottom as sediment. Only the purified water is passed into the pure water distiller chamber to be used as clean drinking water. It produces distilled water, which is empty because everything is taken out and all you have is pure H20!  Drinking distilled water has some specific health benefits and purposes you should know about!


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Can I Drink Distilled Water?

If you haven't actually tried distilled water for yourself, I'm sure you've asked yourself “Can I Drink Distilled Water?” And the answer is yes, for sure you can drink distilled water. It is a highly purified water the way nature does it. It is produced through evaporation when there is a heat source above a pool of water anywhere. Nature has the sun as the heat source and the clouds are where the evaporated or distilled water gets collected. It then falls as rain water which can drink.


The only thing you have to consider now is that there is pollution in our atmosphere that mixes with the clouds and can fall down, ever hear of acid rain? Well using a water distiller machine doesn't have that problem! Distilled Water is considered an “empty water” because distillation removes everything in the water you filter, including minerals. Some of those minerals are beneficial to your health like calcium and magnesium that would normally turn the water into a more alkaline PH.


Distilled water is safe to drink, particularly and highly recommended when you're doing a detox or want your vitamins and supplements to be fully absorbed and not compete with a full water (alkaline water.) You don't want to drink it for a month straight though, as your body will try and maintain balance in your body by taking minerals from your body (detoxing) including your bone cells at times. It is a great base for brewed beverages like teas, juices and even alcoholic beverages because it allows the full flavor to come through. 


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Solar Water Distiller

A Solar Water Distiller is a good emergency water purification method, that even works for salt water. If you are a sea lover then you need to know about this type of natural water distillation machine. There are few technologies other than water distillation that can purify sea water into drinking water. Having an electric one is the easiest to use but if you have no electricity then you can use a makeshift solar water distiller. 


To make solar distilled water you need a piece of plastic, sheet metal or other flat surface that isn't too thick but non-porous. Then you place that sheet at an angle over a pool of water (like in a bowl or container) that you want to purify. Place a glass or jar below it to catch the distilled water from condensation that has risen as steam from the sun's warming heat. Not the best method of water distillation but a good emergency technique when you don't have access to an electric or home water distiller.


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Home Water Distiller

A Home Water Distiller can come in any shape and size.The most common home water distillation systems are stainless steel stove-top distillers that use gas or electricity for heat and collect the condensation as distilled water. A gas stove usually doesn't require electricity (except for the pilots sometimes) and they are called non-electric water distillers. Electrical water distillers are units you plug in and it is heated like a coffee pot or electric water heater, except this one catches the purified water from the steam.


They are highly economical compared to having purified water delivered or having to buy expensive bottled water, that isn't as pure as distilled water. Both types take the water from any source, most commonly regular tap water and heat it up until steam collects in special tubes. After it has dripped into a container, it is ready to drink or use as a base for tea, or beverages. Countertop Water Distillers are the most common type of home water distillers.


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Non-Electric Water Distiller

A Non-Electric Water Distiller machine is a great emergency type of water purification method. They are used to be able to boil water from gas stove, furnace, firewood, or other flammable cooking source. You simply place your unpurified water in the pan, and turn on the gas or heat source. The water will boil away all impurities or disease causing organisms from your source water. It then turns it into a steam vapor that gets condensed into pure clean distilled water safe for drinking. Stove top water distillers are the most economical because it lower tech, but still effective.


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Countertop Water Distiller

Having a good Countertop Water Distiller is the quickest and simplest method to make high quality distilled water. It is the easiest to maintain and use on a regular basis too. You can get anywhere from one cup to many gallons sized countertop water distillers. A popular type of home water distiller is the Megahome water distiller, pictured above is a counter top water distiller. I don't care for the plastic myself and prefer more all stainless steel models because plastic ones can leach plastic into the water (see: Countertop Distiller for stainless steel types.) 


They can be made of plastic or stainless steel, and the smaller ones are highly compact in design that you can even take them on outings with you (so you don't get Montezuma's Revenge or Traveler's Diarrhea). I prefer a better built (stainless steel water distiller) as pictured below they don't have any plastic particles that can come off the plastic ones at higher heat, like boiling water and steam does.  The Stainless Steel Water Distiller machine is very easy to use as well, and has it's own stand.


Add water from your faucet or any source then flip the switch and you're ready to rock and roll, and get purified water at the touch of a button or switch. Click on the AquaNui Water Distiller below to see the exact specs on it, and other different sized distillation units and the amounts of gallons they produce. I like the AquaNui because it is stainless steel and is built and manufactured in the US under stricter quality controls. 


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